How to loop over webhook data to save individual items in Bubble DB

I’ve got a webook that is passing data into bubble and the data is arriving correctly. I want to iterate through the file and create rows in a table in my bubble database based on the JSON coming into the webhook. My challenge is how to iterate over the data.

I have an API workflow that triggers ‘Create a new ‘SessionData’’ (my data type) and in that configuration I set each field I want to map to be something like:
Requests Data’s body: first item’s row_data Value1

When I do this, the first item saves into the bubble DB, but that’s it. When I try Request Data’s body: each item then it concatenates the items together in one cell, instead of processing each into their own row.

From a search, I may have to iterate via an API workflow - but not actually sure how to do that. Anyone have any tips or an example? Thanks!

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