How to create private link?

How do you create a private link for sharing data to users and enable them to make changes to that data without signing in, only thru that link?

Like the google drive’s create link for sharing or dropbox.

My problem is with the data privacy tab. How can I expose thing’s datas thru link?


you would need to create a link that contains a password of some kind…your privacy controls would need to use the URL value which would be that password of some kind to register that the link is allowed to change the data.

Probably not very secure, but doesn’t sound like security is the issue…you could make a data field in your application some where that would be ‘link passcode’ then set the privacy to 'get data from url parameter passcode = do search for ‘link passcode’

do you know how to make and send a normal link in an email?

The issue here is, you cannot use “get data from url param” in privacy tab under data section. You can only refer to that “Thing” being used and “Current User”. Or am I missing something?

This workaround works for me

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