How to create repeating group within a repeating group?

I’m creating a to do list / daily routine checklist mobile app and i’m trying to make it so that users can create checklist items that are organized within different categories that they have created. they can create a todo list for their business and separate todo list for other areas of life and have in separate groups. Is it possible to create repeating group items that are organized specifically within other repeating groups?

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So you’re not really trying to do an infinite repeating group like a comments section right? If you’re just trying to make categories it should be pretty easy.

Just make a new datatype called “Category” and under your existing datatype for the the checklist add a field “Category” with the type Category

Then if you want to show all the checklists from all categories at once, you make a repeating group and the data source is “Do a search for Category” then inside the cell put another repeating group and do “Do a search for Checklist” with a constraint "Category = Current cell’s Category.

Or if you just want buttons for each category to show one at a time it’s along the same lines.

And of course make all the buttons needed so when you create checklist you pick the the category it goes into, etc.

Thanks! I think I got it but its still not displaying. I think the button to create the new checklist item isn’t picking up the category.

I create a new data type called “category” and within the checklist datatype i added a field “category” with the type “category”

But how do I connect it so that a data field is selected for category when a user selects one of the category options or creates a new a new category. I set the create new buttons action to create a new thing. What does the category need to equal for the input box to create a new data field ?

under create new thing what do i add here?
Category = ?

Also, all the data is showing rather than just the users who is logged in. What group can I add “current user” parameter so that all the content is just that users. Thanks for you help!

If you go to the Privacy tab, if your data types are currently Public then make a new rule, call it something like “Users see their own data” and make the rule “When Current user is This Category’s Creator”

And do the same with the checklist data type

On page refresh would you want to keep the same category open or would you want it to reset to blank? Lets assume it clears it on refresh for now:

So I’m not sure how you have the user interface, but if you have a text input, and a button saying “New category”, then put your repeating group inside a group and name the group something like “Category choice” and make the data type Category for the group itself.

Then your workflow for pressing the “New category” button would be “Create a thing, Category”, step 2 “Display data in element, [pick your Category choice group you made]” data to display “Result of step 1”

Then in your repeating group make the type “Checklist” and the data source is “Do a search for Checklist” with a constraint “Category = Parent group’s Category”

Oops also on the Create a thing step make the name of the Category the Input’s value

I got confused with that one. I added a screen recording of the button workflow, all the datatypes and dynamic input. Whats missing?

For your reference, what we’ve been referring to as Category is “Area of life” and Checklist is “Vision content”

Okay so the screen where they press “Health” “Mission” Wealth" are those considered like “premade” Areas of life? And if they type their own and press Next you would want it to make a new Area of life?

Yes exactly!

Okay I see whats wrong,

So in this screen in your video:

Delete all those text fields all 4 of them, and make a new text field called “Name”.

Then would you want it so pressing “Health” it just goes to the next page or would you want it to “select it” then you press next?

And also if you’re comfortable with it DM me the editor link with edit access and I can take a look or I can keep describing over this

The first one. Id like it to go to automatically next page when “Health” is pressed. The next button will only show when theres content in the input field.

Okay delete those texts fields I was saying earlier, then for the workflow for the “Health” button, do “Create a thing, Area of life,” make the field “Name = Health”. Now you have to store that somewhere so if you want make a new custom state on the index page called “Area of life” with the type “Area of life”. So your step 2 in your workflow is “Set state” and set index’s “Area of life” to Result of step 1. Then do your action to show the next page.

Then on your “New vision” page when you press Done you had some red text for which Area of life, make that “index’s Area of life”

Repeat the same workflow for each button but change the name to Mission, Wealth, but then of course repeat it again for the Next button but make the name the Input’s value

Ok sweet! Did all that. Just to be sure… In the workflow for the next button, do i set the create a new thing to: name = inputs value?

I don’t see the the “other options” tab where share the project link should be. According to google. Is that an option on the free subscription?

If not, this is perfect and extremely helpful. I really appreciate your help!

Under the settings menu, in the general tab, it says “Editor access permissions” and you can set to Everyone can Edit then you just copy/paste the link from your browser

Do i make the area of life state a repeating list?

Don’t make it a list because all you’re trying to do is “store” the newely created area of life, so when you create the new Vision you can reference a single Area of life

And yes on the next button instead of making the name like “Name = Health” do "Name = Input's value as dynamic content instead of a manually typed one

Gotcha. Makes sense! Did you see what was missing in the view page to display the content by area of life?

So on the view page, are you trying to show all Area’s of life the user has, then all visions inside each area of life? So they scroll down to see everything? Or did they pick a specific area of life from a another page and their looking at all the visions of just that one area?