How to create subdomain?

hey guys, when I was using godaddy making subdomain was easy.
main domain was bubble app, subdomain was another application .

but now with Namecheap I’m getting no where,
with godaddy can’t get the app to run as before.
godaddy doesn’t have alias record, using A record must be an IP address.

So please can someone tell me how to make a subdomain on Namecheap,
tech support at Namecheap has no idea, tried 2 differentiations both failed


Try just using the subdomain in bubble. i think this worked for me one time.

on bubble put ‘’ and setup the records on your DNS in namecheap as regular for ‘’. then give it a few minutes and try it. sometimes might take longer. i think the last application i did like this for godaddy.

Hey @joseph.farinhas where May I find this setting? Under Domain tab ?

just from a quick google search i found this.


this will work for any kind of records. I just searched for cname which is the most common one.

Current “alias” “@“ “
“Cname” “www” “

After follow the instructions “cname” “promo” “

Site crash, had to remove it

i did this recently with godaddy:

on the DNS i have a CNAME record

Name: portal
value: goes to my bubble.

and make sure you add the other records it tells you to when setting it up.

pm me some screenshots or something if u want i can take a look at it. or send screenshots here with censored information.

PS: are you using a paid plan? i think only paid plans can use this feature…

Yup this last one works, as what you print above for namecheap

But screen now says application not found on bubble, trying to redirect it with 301 feature in (Seo/metatags) in settling but no luck yet

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you redirecting from where to where? i dont get it.

From bubble setting

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