How to create "submit" workflow?

I’ve got a “details” group that shows the information from the selected item in an associated repeating group. So far, that works. I would now like the user to be able to edit the fields in the details group and press Enter to submit those changes. However, I don’t see how to create a workflow for a “submit” event. The Input field which displays the data doesn’t have a “Start/Edit Workflow” option like a button would. Am I missing something about how forms are submitted in Bubble? In theory, I can press Enter to trigger an event, but don’t see how to actually create that event.

When button is clicked…Make changes to a thing…

There are a couple of ways to do what you want.

You can add a “make changes to a thing” event to the “when button a is clicked”. You can then update the repeating group’s parent (if the button is in a repeating group) or do a search for the specific thing you need to update.

You mentioned workflow. If you want to trigger a separate workflow instead you can also do this “when button a is clicked”.

But I assume that the 1st option is what you really want.

Thanks for the replies, but my question is specifically about using Enter to submit the form. It’s obvious how to use a button to submit the form, but how is Enter tied to anything? The documentation says that Enter can be used for form submission, but there’s no “when Enter is pressed” event.

Pressing Enter will trigger the ‘when element is clicked’ workflow that is associated with the input… (in other words, pressing the enter key is the same as a user clicking on the button that triggers the workflow)…

(note: it will only work it there is only a single ‘on click’ event workflow on the page associated with the active input the user is pressing enter for… - if there is more than one ‘on click’ workflow using that input, then none of them will trigger…)

Also if you search “keyboard” on the plugin store there is some plugins that can trigger a workflow on a certain button press, haven’t tried any of them but worth looking at if you don’t get the results you want out of vanilla Bubble. There is a native Bubble one but it says highly experimental so I have no idea how reliable that is

Ah, okay. Thanks! That’s not at all how I though t it worked, but makes sense. I’ll create a button to host the workflow and see if that works.

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