How to detect if a floating group is visible?

I have a series of floating groups that are used as sidebar menus. In order to ensure they are all closed, I have a workflow that goes through the list and closes them. Unfortunately, I’m starting to see visual artifacts as the list has gotten to 10 floating groups.

I’d like to add a condition on each workflow step based on whether a floating group is visible. However, there’s no such property, which is a read shame. Anyone have any ideas as to how I can check visibility of the floating group and only run the close for it if visible?


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I’m not going to ask about why you’ve got 10 floating groups as sidebar menus, or what you mean by seeing visual artefacts…

But there is a simple way to do what you ask.

(This might be classed as a hack… it’s one of those weird Bubble expression builder inconsistencies, that presumably doesn’t have any reason to exist, and works regardless, but maybe one day Bubble will ‘fix’ the inconsistency and it will stop working… so use with caution…)

But, you can add an only when FG is visible condition to a workflow event (even if, for some reason, you can’t to an action)…

So just create the expression on the event, then copy and paste it to the action’s only when condition.

It works exactly as expected.

Hacky but yes, worked like a charm! Thanks!

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