Show/hide floating group


I want to create a notification alert when a record has been changed. So I placed both an Alert and a Floating Group but neither works for a user outside of the one doing the change.
It is understandable that an Alert is not showing but the Floating Group I do not get.

I have set the Floating Group to not show in page load. Then in the workflow as soon as a record is changed, it is set to show the Floating Group. It works fine for the user who does the change but others cannot see the Floating Group.

I am miss understanding something in this regard as to why it is not showing for others.

Hello @dbenade

Try reloading the page and you will see that the FG will not show for you even after this flow runs.

Think through as to why would this be the case … (… just trying to get you to reach conclusions as to what is going on here … hint: the FG is set to be not visible as default)

Well from my side it was default on show I had to set it that it does not show by default because I want it hidden and then once the workflow runs it should show. Which it does on the user that runs the workflow but not the rest.

For those interested. I couldn’t make the floating group show/hide effectively so instead I created a condition based on the group’s value to change the background style and thus achieving what I desired.

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