How to Detect if a User Shared the Profile?

I am looking at am application I signed up for. They have an area in the profile to share your profile on facebook.

The application also has a profile percentage complete side bar showing all the parts of the profile with an x for those missing and a check for those already completed.

Next to the share profile on facebook there was a red x as I had not done it. Then I clicked the button to share on facebook and a i-frame or a popup came in view with the share on facebook dialogue.

At this point the red x still was present as I had not pressed Share to actually share the profile. However, 2 seconds after I pressed share to share the profile on facebook the red x was replaced with the check mark.

How is it possible to detect that I actually shared the profile? My first thought was they would simply gauge if I pressed the button on the profile page to open the share i-frame or popup, but that is not what happened. The application was actually able to verify I had shared it. How could this be done?

I am going to guess they’re using some sort of API.


I have the same issue. I would like to know if the users actually share or not something on social media (via 'AddToAny share buttons for example).

Is there a way to do it via Bubble ?

Thanks a lot !

I set up a basic one that doesn’t actually register if they went through with the share, but rather just that they opened the share dialogue.

Other more advanced ways would be to implement an API from the social media provider to register if a share occurred or not.