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User Pre-Sign Up Wait List

Here is an interesting slide deck I just stumbled across about how Robinhoood (a free stock trading app) got 300k+ signups before launching a product.

Growthhackers - Robinhood

I like the way they allowed users to better their position in line by inviting other users. Would there be any way to verify that something has been shared to a social network to put together a similar pre-signup list with the same sort of incentive process?

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You could hack something together using FB graph. Use share_count to check.

However it would allow a user to get the incentive without sharing if someone else did it at the same time.

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The best way would be to use the FB SDK.

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I set something like this up based on Robinhood’s list when my app was in beta. The key here is that you don’t need to track when the link is shared, just when people sign up from the link.

You’ll need to set your landing page for people who click the link to type “User”. You’ll also need to create a field that is a list of users to record people who sign up with the link. Then you can have your social share links contain the sharing user’s unique id. When the user’s friend clicks the link and signs up, store the new user to the Current Page User’s list of users.

If you want to show who’s ahead/behind a user, you can just run a search for users who’s list of users is larger/smaller and sort by creation date.


You may want to embed a referral system from Maybe Bubble can add this as a Plugin. @emmanuel


Pretty elegant solution. Glad I asked. Thanks guys.

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I like this. Good thinking.

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Currently, Bubble doesn’t offer this feature. I’m the founder of a company called ActionWins that is an API and JavaScript plugin that makes adding in-app refer-a-friend features super easy. I’m working on a direct integration with Bubble but for now, you could use our JavaScript plugins easily. We’re in Beta but if you’re still interested in adding this to your app I’d be happy to help walk you through it. @emmanuel @nomadkelley would love to have you guys try us out! Feel free to reach out to me directly, [email protected].

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