How to detect scroll position within a group/make group scroll up?

In my app, I have a group you can scroll down through, and its inside another group that just has a background image set. The problem is, when the user scrolls down the main group… it doesn’t look like you’re scrolling the page, it stays there (like first image) and can stay that way as you keep scrolling in the group. You’d have to scroll from the background group to scroll the entire page/have your mouse over the white area.

So, is there a way to detect when an user scrolls to a certain point of a child group to then scroll the entire page downward? I can’t just use “when current scroll position is x” because it will/can always be 0 even if the user keeps scrolling down inside the other group like in the first image which is the initial stae. Ideas? :slight_smile: Or tips? :slight_smile:

Imagine you open an app where initially there’s a half-shown screen, and it becomes full page-height as you scroll down, going to the top of your page more the more you scroll down. Ideally vice versa, when you scroll up to the same spot it goes back to its half-shown way, kind of like it’s peaking out into view like this:

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Thank you for this suggestion this is is very close to what I’m looking for ! :slight_smile: I can see it scrolls the white block to the top when the button is pressed. Do you know how I can trigger this without the use of a button though? This exact behavior. Assuming the user has scrolled significantly within the white block itself?

Something like, when its detected that the white block was scrolled inside of it just does what your sample does.

Lots of ways to trigger it as there are tons of workflow trigger options. If you want something that detects a users scroll position check out a plugin called elements in view

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Thank you! I tried the one you mentioned but for some reason it didn’t work… though I found an alternative and I was able to get it working perfect! Thanks a lot! I am very grateful :slight_smile: