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Popups: How to detect scrolling position & scroll to element?

Hey everyone!

I’ve created a chat for my users (which shows on a popup for UX reasons) for a mobile app I’m currently creating and what I’m trying to figure out is whether / how it’s possible to detect a popup’s scrolling position and scroll to en element within the chat repeating group on that popup.

What I want to implement is a feature that all the common messengers have - which is being taken to the latest message received. Currently, when my users open a chat they land on the very top of the conversation and I would like my popup / the repeating group which is showing all the messages of a conversation to scroll down to the very end of the conversation when a user opens the chat.

I know how to make it work on a regular page. Although, neither the bubble-sided “current page scrolling position” nor “scroll to” actions work on popups.

Any ideas on how to achieve that for poups?
I’ve been trying to playing around with javascript commands, but my coding skills in that language are too limited I guess :smiley:

I highly appreciate any input / suggestion or help :slight_smile:


Have you looked at the “scroll to entry of a repeating group” action in the workflow tab?


I have! Thanks! And that action actually works now that I’ve fully re-created my popup build, I now all of a sudden can use this action; before (for whatever reason on earth) with all the same settings etc. it wasn’t possible — so: scroll to entry of a reapeating groups works even on a popup and with the new bubble responsive engine! :slight_smile:

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