How to disable a number from an input

How do I stop an input field from starting with a particular number


I want the store phone number field above to not begin with one, once it begins with one, I want either reset the input or disable the submit button and show a message to let the user know that they cannot type in the letter 1

Hi there, @phoenixideas3… one way you can disable the submit button is to use this condition on the button.

With regard to showing a message, if it was me, I would likely add some help text either as part of the placeholder or below the input saying it can’t start with a 1 because I would much rather let the user know before they enter a value as opposed to telling them they can’t do it after the fact. If you don’t want to go that route, you can use the condition in the screenshot and the Do when condition is true workflow event to show an alert when the condition is met. So, like this…

Hope this helps.


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Hello Mike,

Thank you for the help, this resolved it, thank you so much

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