SAVE Button condition

I want to create a condition that if SAVE Button-4 is pressed only then Input Part description field will be enabled.

You could do this a couple of ways - the first I thought of is you could hide the group that you don’t want the user using yet, and then add a workflow step when you click ‘Save-1’ that will ‘Show Group’.

Another way is to by default have that input be disabled. create a yes/no custom state, let’s call it ‘NoEdit’, default is ‘no’, and place it on the save-1 button. When you click the save-1 button, set state ‘NoEdit’ to ‘yes’. On the input, place a condition that when 'Button Save-1’s NoEdit = “Yes”, This button is enabled (you’ll actually need to choose 'this button is disabled, and then de-select the checkbox next to it, thereby turning it into a ‘this button is enabled’ condition). This latter way would be better as you can tie as many conditions as you need to to this one custom state - disable multiple inputs, formatting, etc.

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