How to disable page scroll

My app has a header and a floating group as a footer to ensure it always stays at the bottom. If the user tries to scroll while hovering over either of these groups, in anything but full screen, the header and footer go off-screen. Please see the attached video. When full screen, this is less of an issue.

How can I prevent this?

I tried a forum suggestion of adding a workflow event to scroll back to the top if the page position was >1 but that didn’t work for me

If I were you, I would make the footer a regular non-floating group. A regular group will always stay at the bottom if it is not overlapping any other groups.

Hi @josh10, that’s how I started out originally but I think I ran into issues with it not staying at the bottom when I went from a maximised window to full-on full screen (ie there would be a gap beneath the footer).

I could have another go at doing it that way though as I’m a bit more familiar with bubble now than I was at the time so may have better luck. Thank you