How to display sign-ups in a calendar month?


I am building an admin page and one of the stats that I would like to display is the ‘number of sign-ups in a particular period eg; last calendar month, week, etc’…

what is the best way?

I use Search for users:filtered:count
the filtered part is Creation date>currentdate/time +(days)-30
wont give you the exact month but the last 30 days

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thanks @denverdave11 that’s worked…

it would be nice to also be able to work out the stats based on calendar months, so to be able to trend the data.


hey! could you solve this? I have a similar question, but I have payments in the database, and i would love to split the payments due amount per month and Im becoming crazy about how to do this

Bumping this - I also need the solution. :slight_smile:

Hi @maryfox20 :slight_smile: This can be set up using a graph and the :groupedby operator. Here is an example for displaying signups over the past month (grouped by day):