How to display a list on database into a repeating group 1 row per item? [Please help]

I am calling a array of data and saving it on database thru an API call and want to display it on RG.
But as you can see the list on database shows in 1 row on my RG? instead of 1 by 1 and is just separated by a comma.

How do I display it normally? 1 row per keyword?

I am super struggling with this one.

Please help!

This is how it looks on the Database:

So what do you want to be displayed in a row for “free wordpress website” keyword, for example?

as you can see on my first screenshot

everything is showing in 1 row but separated by ,

I want it to display like this which is 1 row per keyword

keyword 1
keyword 2
keyword 3
keyword 4
keyword 5

and NOT keyword 1, keyword 2, keyword 3, keyword 4, keyword 5… like this

I asked about how you’d like to split the row because the first item from your row has different amount of values within each field:

  • cps stores 9 values
  • kd - 7 values
  • keyword - 10 values
  • volume - 9 values

So, for example, how 7 kd values should be distributed among 10 keywords? Or you want just to split keyword values, so you will have 10 rows in a repeating group, but all 10 rows will have same list of cpc, kd and so on?

the values are equal.
If I have 10 keywords, I will have equal amount of CPC, KD, KW, Volume

so it will look like this

keyword 1 CPC 1 Volume 1 KD 1
Keyword 2 CPC2 Volume 2 KD 2

the order should be aligned together already because it came from the API

Then :split by with , separator is your friend :slight_smile:

yes I was trying that but the split by doesnt show here:

My DB Report entry:

Resulting RG:
Screenshot 2024-03-14 at 21.00.57

RG’s data source:
Screenshot 2024-03-14 at 21.02.10
Pay attention that the type of content is “text”.
I’m referencing some Report item (in my example I just have a separate group to store random Report), taking it’s keyword and splitting it by , (comma and space).

the resulting RG should be

Cat 1 100
dog 2 200
bird 3 300

something like this:

Anyway how to do this?

that’s where we a going in circles :slight_smile:

In your example from the 1st post you have 10 keywords and 7 kd. How would you distribute 7 kd among 10 keywords?