Showing and hiding text

This is what i want to do:

  1. I click on a button.
  2. I see a text on my screen
  3. Wait for 5 seconds
  4. The text disappears.
    I am only able to do see the text when I click on the button and it stays there forever.
    Here is the action i have used to show the text:

    I have initially hidden the text from the page and this action shows it. Now if i add the hide text action immediately after it, it dodes not work for me. What i need is a wait or dela of 5 seconds before the hide text action is executed. Is it possible?

Hi there, @jindaldhruva… there is an element that does exactly what you are describing, and it’s called an Alert.

Give that element a shot and you should be able to achieve the desired result.


@mikeloc , the manual you shared with me has very brief info about it. Can you tell me how can I add it to a button. Is it an action or what(i couldn’t find it anywhere in the actions)?

It’s an element that you add to a page like any other element…

When you have added an alert to a page, you can then show the alert via a workflow action…

Hope this helps.


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@mikeloc , thank you so much. I really appreciate your help!!

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