How to display data from a cell-list, with a picture type - in RG

Please tell me, how to display data from a cell-list, with a picture type - in RepeatingGroup.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by ‘a cell-list’? (maybe you’re referring to a list field on the RG’s Thing?)…

If so are you trying to display all of the images in the list? Or just 1?

Or something else entirely?

In any case, to display images you need to use an image element and define the datasource accordingly…

Yes, list field.
And display not one image, but the whole list of images.

You just need to add a second RG inside the first one - use a content-type of Image, with a datasource of current cell’s Thing’s Images (whatever field that is), and add an image element inside the second RG to display the Current Cell’s Image.

One RG. invest in another and that’s it;
then add an image element to the child RG.
Did I understand you correctly?

Yes, that’s right…

type: members;
data source: ???

type: image
data source: current cells members / docum

dynamic images: current cells image
Doesn’t want to work
Do I need to write data source for RG01 ?

Yes of course you do… (but I can’t tell you what that should be….)

Thank you very much. Everything works as it should!!!

Can you please tell me how many images can be uploaded in the list field ?
How to limit their number to the user?

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