Show data in RG to how many times you want

Hello, i’d like to know if this is possible. Basically i have created a thing with 3 data/images in it. Now what i would like to do is show these in a repeating group but since the thing only consists of 3 data, it only shows 3 cells.

Is it possible to show all 3 data randomly to fill it the rest of the repeating group? I set it to 5x2 so i would love for it to just fill those cells with those 3 data/images randomly.


Need to create an RG of type number, generate a list of numbers and use that list of numbers as the datasource, then on the images need add conditionals to show the images.

But, if the issue is more that you have a repeating group whose height is greater than the height taken up by just the 3 cells, so you have empty cells, all you need and should do is adjust your layout settings on the repeating group so that it only shows the data present and doesn’t show empty cells.

Okay, il give this a try. I think i wouldn’t get that issue with the dimensions. Hopefully i get this lol

Any chance you can show me how to do this? I was able to generate a list of numbers but cant figure out the correct sequence inside the RG

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