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How to display data through a system of approval status?


I would like to know how to make a repeating group (Let’s call it Final repeating group) that display some data coming from a previous repeating group (1st repeating group).

The 1st repeating group displays the data that the user enter in the imput location.

I would like to manage this with a system of approval status so that only the “approved data” are displayed in the final repeating group, but i am having troubles making it.

Thanks for the help.


How does the data get approved ?

You could set a field for the data.

Field: Approval Type: Yes or No

Then do a search for with a constraint “x approval = yes”

Then when data is entered it can be given that value.


Thanks for the answer

As a beginner i still don’t know exactly how to proceed.

I will follow what Bardluffy recommend.

Do you agree with him ?

Yes, I was wondering what the mechanism for approvals was. As bradluffy says, you can add a field and set it in your workflow and filter.

That wojld make sense if this data is on seperate pages.

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It works perfectly.

Thanks a lot for the help.

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