Please help I am trying to get an approve system going

Hello and thanks for taking your time to read this. I am trying to get a system going where people need to get approved by admin before accessing my website. I got that part going but when I create repeating group for people i still need to approve I get doubles.

Can you show a snapshot of your repeating group property editor?

sure one second

I think you need to change the text in your repeating group. It should not be a Search for… but rather Parent Groups User’s email

if im not mistaken :slight_smile:

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Agree with @kh.japtjong.
Otherwise, you’ll get unexpected results…

Ill try that thank you

I cant find it?

Sorry, thats because i was working with a Group. You should pick Current Cell’s User and then 's email

ok thanks ill let you know if it works

If you still face issues, please message me. I’ll be glad to help!

I need to get a vehicle database going could you help?

I sense you’re creating a CAD/MDT for a roleplaying community. PM me, I can help!

Couldn’t figure out how to pm but I resolved the issue I had before now I need to know how can something be displayed in all servers when one person clicks a button like a panic button and yes this is a cad/mdt system