How to display each file in one cell?

Hello. When I upload more than one file, they are being displayed as a list as one item. I want them to be saved one file per thing, so I can display each file in one cell of the RG.

Here is my setup:


Any help is appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

I believe the problem is with your upload side of things. You need to set up your upload so it is making a new thing for each item being uploaded in the workflow. Can you describe your use case more? It may make more sense to set up a backend workflow or api endpoint and then run your in page workflow against the list. Basically the in page upload items will iterate on the backend workflow function which would create a new thing for each item in the list.

Hello @zachenson. Thanks for the reply!

Yes, I have realized that my problem is the way I am uploading files and saving them. Here is my case: I have a repeating group which displays the files that are being uploaded when I click a button that shows a popup with a multi file uploader inside of it. I have also a plugin called “ZQ Fuzzy search” that searches in the name field of the files. I have also a delete button so I can delete the file that is displayed in the current cell. I can’t figure out a way to display each file in one cell without interfering with all these elements stated above.

Can you tell me how can I make a new thing for each item being uploaded. I can’t figure it out. According to my limited knowledge, I am only able to create a thing in the traditional way (see the first picture “Capture”). I am not able to create a thing for each item.
I am not good with backend workflows and API endpoints. If you can please give me more insight regarding API endpoints and backend workflows, that would be greatly appreciated.

Any help is appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

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Please help!

Hi @grace.hallak,

I definitely suggest you look into back end workflows some more. These three links are great lectures that should definitely help out in your situation. Basically you are needing to figure out how to run the workflow on a list. API Tutorial: Schedule a Workflow on a List

Enable API Workflows in your App

Bubble Webinar 4 - API Workflows

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Hi @zachenson.

Thanks for the videos. Unfortunately, Schedule API workflow is for personal plan and I don’t want to upgrade yet. Do you have any other solution for my problem.

Thanks in advance!

Ouch unfortunately I do not. I think that is the solution. You would likely need to rework your interface to avoid using lists. Some way of having the user hit upload on each item.

If I understood correctly, I think that is impossible because I am using a popup inside it the multi file uploader.

Using the multi file uploader yes. You would need to build your own upload interface which would require the user to upload the files individually.

So I tried this solution , it is working as expected but is it a good solution?

That would require a lot of work. Do you have any youtube videos or forum posts that can help me with this?

This solution looks like it is working. What is your concern with it?

Well I am discovering now that I can’t delete the current cell’s file. I can delete the file’s URL but it stays visible in the repeating group

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