List of files not saving as a list

Hello Bubblers,

For two weeks now I am experiencing some weird behavior with list of files and list of images. Up until now I could save several files (pictures) in a list using the multi-file uploader. Then I would be able to display one image from the list in a repeating group by doing current cell’s TYPE’s file: random item

But now it seems that Bubble saves the file in the list as one element, hence getting confused when asked to show a specific element.

Let me show you:

First the data

Then the workflow

I save my images in the field image file, a list of files

The Design

I want to see if Bubble can pick a specific element from the list of files

The List of files saved

From the comma between the different files, looks like it was saved as a list

And the resulting page

When asking to retrieve the image file’s first element it returns all the list, so obviously the image element doesn’t display anything unless I uploaded only one picture, because the list of URLs doesn’t make sense for bubble that expects a single URL.

PS: In the workflow I tried saving in the list directly from multi file uploader value and the result is the same.

This app is just a test, but the behavior in my real app is the same, which is weird because it used to work. Since the same happens in both apps I would imagine it can’t be the app, but maybe a change bubble did recently ?

Anyone experiencing the same issue recently ?


Hi @Tomdez1989!

Your field “Image file” is a List of files, but in your Step 1, you are using add, which is used to add a single thing. Try changing “add” to “add list”, since your value is a List of files.

BTW, “set list” is also an option, with the difference being that “set list” will overwrite the field completely, while “add list” will append the new list to what already exists in the field.


Brilliant! Makes quite some sense. I tried with add list, adding the list of picture from repeating group (the one below save button) and it didn’t work. Worked when saving the list directly from multi file uploader.

You made my day, thank you!

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