Help a new guy... Repeating groups within a single-task page

Hi, I just discovered Bubble and wow what a tool! I’m in awe, but I am also in need of help. I try to condition my brain to all the new things, terms, logic etc, I even dream about this now. Solving stuff while I sleep…

In short, I am making a task management app where users log in, post their tasks, name, desc., priority, status, due date and multi file upload. I manage to get these things on a repeating group on the same page called dashboard (2). I have made an icon to view every task in its full glory on another page called single-task, where I again put the ínformation up in a more white space kind of way, but here also the files will be shown.

I made a repeating group here on this page to try to call the file names in a kind of list in the RG, but whatever I try I only get 1 entry, even if there is 2-3 files uploaded in some tasks. I see if I change the file to show url instead of name I get all of them, but an url to an S3 server doesnt do users any good. I want the names and even a little thumbnail to show an image (if it’s an image).

Again, the problem is I get 1 name in the list only, even if it’s supposed to be 3 there…

Link to my newbie project.

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Hi Kris,

Welcome!! :slight_smile:

First thing I see is that your File field under type Oppgave type is a single value. You want this to be a list of files. Replace this field with a new one…



When you use a multi-file uploader, the workflow will let you set this field like this “Files add list multifile uploader’s value”

The RG would then be type = file, source = current page oppgave’s files

Try that out.

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Hi! Rodrigo from here

I just checked your app and the issue is that in the database in your data type Test you need to create a field “listFiles” which will be indeed an array of files, instead of the single file field that you have right now, when creating the task you will add all the elements of the file uploader into this array, after it in the RG of the single task you need to put in the data source: “current task list of files”, and in each cell you will put the info of that file, i.e. “current cell file name, current cell file url”, etc. :slight_smile:

hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! So kind of you to take the time to take a look at this:) I also follow your channel on YT.

I have added the field «files» type «file» and checked the list. Then on the single task page made the RG type file and source current oppgave’s files’file name.

I also added the «files» field to be created when adding a new task in the dashboard-2 page so it’s saved to each task(oppgave).

I still cant make it display each tasks files, I tweaked around and then I got it to show all files for all tasks into a single task, but not each tasks individual files upload.

There is still something my brain doesn’t get still, or something is not correctly set up further back in the setup?

Thanks again,


Change the save to “set list” rather than “Add list” and it looks like it works better.


Hey, thanks, that worked!

But my brain now starts to wonder, why is that different than add list? I want to know the logic to keep me from looping like I have been with this up until now.

Also, I am going to start to implement some roles (3) into the mix, where «superadmins» can see users tasks, and have a more general overview than the users that only see their own content/tasks. I have created a subtype inside the users type to have those labels. But what is the best way to implement this? For example: show a button that only superadmins see in their dashboard that leads to a page that gathers general users tasks?

I thank you all for me, I will do the same for others when I am up and running:)

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