How to display list of things in a conversation thread

Hello, Bubblers!

I have a situation. I need help to solve the problem.
I have a data set where I have a “list of queries” and “List of Response”. List of Queries I want to display responses related to each query. How can I make this happen?

I can certainly display issues and responses; however, I can’t display as a conversation thread.

Please help me.

Thank you in advance.

Use repeating group inside the main repeating group

@melon, Thank you. I did. Same result.

Hey! You’ll first need to make sure you have the database setup correctly. One way to achieve this by setting up:

Queries (data type)
List of Responses (list of responses)

Responses (data type)

In your repeating group, you’ll have a repeating group inside one of the main repeating group’s cells. The main RG should display Current cells Query. Inner repeating group should display Parent Group’s Queries Responses.

@telaholcomb, Thank you for your response. I appreciate it. I applied this method at the beginning. The thread is being shown for every order. I don’t want them to be displayed in every order. I want them for an individual order, where the conversation is happening. The list of queries and responses are being held inside the “Orders” data type. I need to show these in order details as a conversation thread.

Ok you didn’t mention Orders before. I would still set it up like I mentioned above with the addition of the Orders data type.

Orders (data type)
Query (list of queries)

Query (data type)
Order (Order)
Response (list of responses)

Responses (data type)
Query (query)

Nest the 3 groups with the main group being the Order. Then Query (list of Queries for that Order). Then Response (list of responses for that query).

We have this setup for our app with Posts - Comments - subComments.

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Here’s a sample of how it should look.

I’ve included reference to where your content would be:
Post = Order
Comment = Query
subComment = Response

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