How to do a monthly ranking page?

Hi there!

I do a page where users can vote on something. The vote will stay as long as the user doesn’t change it. So, over the years there will be additional votes added or old ones replaced.

Now I want to add a page where users can see the TOP 10 for January 2020, February 2020, March 2020,…
What do i need for this?

I guess I need to automatically copy my ranking each month and add the month and year to it?
After that I need to create a page that displays the results and a calendar or something the user can select a month with.
Or is there an even more flexible way so I need no copying of the data?
What controls, data-types etc would you recommend for this kind of functionality?

I hope I can learn from your experience here, it feels like it’s a lot of work but there might be a simple way. Maybe put the vote into a several datagroup, together with the data of the vote and then generate some sort of chart out of it?

I can imagine a lot but I don’t know what is possible using Bubble.

Thanks a lot for your support!

I would probably store the vote in separate data type so that you have the created date of each vote. So, you could create a custom data type called “Vote”, and after that, it’s simply a matter of filtering data. Here’s a good video for understanding how dates work in Bubble: Live Bubbling with Keith: Let's Talk About Dates - Explaining the Basics of Dates in Bubble

Hope this helps!

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