Please need help! how to save a users search parameters and then display them

Hi everyone,

Im building a real estate marketplace. I am trying to create a user saved research page.
I have 3 types of data: user, asset & saved searches.
The saved search has yields: price, yield, city.
User type has a field saved search type list of saved searches.

I managed to link everything together so when you click a button to save search it is saved and the user can view them as a list . The problem I am having is sending this data to the property search portal. the search portal is type asset and the inputs are type asset so when I want to navigate to that page and send the data, the data is type saved searches and it cannot be displayed on the page.

I would like to basically change the inputs on the property search page to the one of the saved search. For example, if the saved search property city is New York I would like to display all the properties that are in New York in the property page.

any ideas of how to do this??

Thank you


Save the setting to current user and use initial value to set it to saved value in db?

I found a solution I think, what i did i send the saved search data to the property page and in the property page i set the input starting value to data from the page

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