How to download file from icon?

I have a bunch of company publications saved to my database that I would like my website visitors to be able to download. I want the user to click the icon, which downloads the file associated with that record.

This seems like it should be a pretty straightforward feature, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to make it work.

Just add a workflow for ‘when X element is clicked’ step1. ‘download file’

There’s free file download plugins - just grab one of those and you’ll be able to use a download file action in your workflow.


Thank you!

I tried with a download plugin to no avail.
However I remembered seeing a tip somewhere (Twitter I believe) advising to just use a link Open an external website pointing to the file URL. It works like a charm! The file is automatically downloaded.

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Great TIP…I used link and solve my problem…thanks for this suggestion.