How to duplicate/split up a 'single page app' when 20+ custom states live at page level with hundreds of references to them

Hi Bubble Community,

We have an app that has many elements on a single page (1 page app build). The bubble editor and the webpage performances are extremely slow and sub-optimal from the quantity of elements, workflows and conditionals to hide/show all the groups & popups.

In order to improve performance, we would like to split the single complex page into a higher # of simpler pages. Also, we would like to copy and paste multiple groups (with multiple custom state references), into a new page to test some other features to build. The problem lies in the custom states tied to page level and how to dynamically transfer them into a new page without having hundreds of errors.

What is the best way to handle having hundreds of conditionals/workflows referencing ~20+ custom states at page level transferred to a new page?

Thank you so much for any videos or suggestions.

All the best,

Good luck… there may be a more sophisticated way of doing what you want, but I’d approach it by creating your new page(s) as clones of the existing page. Everything should transfer over and then you can remove elements not needed for a specific page.

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