How to embed landing pages as Sub-Folders?

Hello all.

It seems adding landing pages as subfolders has significantly more SEO value than subdomains as per moz and few other sites , especially when your subject area on landing pages is same and has same language.

So “” would do much better than” (atleast for me).

I think the later Subdomain can be achieved through configuring Cname on Godaddy.
But, how can we create a sub-directory structure (first example) to embed landing pages from external site into my bubble app ?


Do not use Bubble for that.

It can be achieved, but you will lose precious loading speed putting Bubble in the middle and LPs are all about speed.

If you use Cloudflare(which I believe you do) you can create page rules to forward.

That rule will match all your LPs and forward them to your external LP service bypassing Bubble. Your SEO will appreciate the loading speed :slight_smile:


will be forwarded to:

Cloudflare free account will let you create 3 rules but referencing wildcards and using some convention rules you will probably be able to catch all LPs with just one rule.

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Thanks for your confident advice.

  1. If my new URL is (as opposed to (my-bubble-site/landing-page) am I not further creating the problem I am trying to solve which is retaining all domain authority with If this were the case I might as well go with sub-domain (which apparently is not good for SEO) ? Am I missing something where.

  2. I have 1,000 plus landing pages. I am not sure how premium it could get on cloudfare and I also need to check if it can redirect to dynamic pages basing on my URL -words. This is for me to investigate.


  1. As far as I know DA is a Moz metric and it’s not very relevant(for Google) in my opinion. Don’t pay too much attention to it.

Nonetheless, it’s been quite some time since I was a hardcore SEO player. I used to work on affiliate marketing long time ago.

In any case, please look into this to make sure it is still that way.

  1. I am assuming Cloudflare is using Rewrite conditions in their http server for the forwarding rules. So that unique rule with wildcards doesn’t mind if you have 2 or 2 million LPs.