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How to enable users to add new input box?

Hi all, I am trying to figure out how to allow a user to click ‘Add item’ and for that item to appear above the ‘Add item’ link.

add item

Usually I would make the item contents a hidden group and the ‘Add item’ link would just reveal the hidden group. I actually can’t think how to approach this, any help appreciated!


Make the box above the add item an RG of one row. Make the add item a group right below that rg. Set the search to :items until 10 (… or so) so that the add item “button” does not fall below the viewport.

Thank you so much. In doing this I have hit another tricky issue, wondered if you know how to deal with it?

The ‘Add item’ information comes from a separate group, every ‘page’ on my site is a group due to it being a single page app. On the ‘group-add-item’ I have the form fields and a Save button. The information then needs to be carried over to the ‘group-create-invoice’ page so that it can be added to the RG.

I know I need to set the Display data in the button workflow, but where it asks for Data to display, I can only chose one form field. I am probably doing this all wrong!

Hello @darren.james7518

Seems that you have an intricate project.

SPAs are awesome!

Difficult to comment as I would be speculating. What I can say is that generally in Bubble you need to always ask yourself … “what is this XYZ expecting?” … and make sure you furnish it (ensuring that the origin and destination can send/receive adequately)

Yes, I am getting to grips with SPA’s but they seem so much faster to load. I hear what you are saying and I think I may have solved it. I don’t think I need to set the Display data in the button workflow because it’s a single page app so no data is being sent anywhere. That said, I haven’t done it yet, need to finish a few bits before completing this.

A SPA does mean I have loads of groups! I wish I knew was how to stop Bubble from randomly listing my groups in the left Elements tree. I want to keep it in alphabetical order or something useful. Any ideas on if this is possible?