How to extract a street without its street suffix?


In a recent post, I mentioned how I’m integrating a real estate property tool called Estated which can be used to extract a property’s data and how they have a finnicky Sandbox/API. For it to pull a property’s data, they need the address sent in a specific way: Ex; 1867+Gatewood+Dr,+Montgomery,+AL+36106

With Bubble I’m able to extract each of these items, except for the street suffix “Dr” but I’ve found a workaround to that.

However, when I extract street from the address, it returns as “Gatewood Drive”. Estated requires this to only be “Gatewood” as I’ll already be extracted “Drive” separately. This is a function that I’ll need to run on many different addresses as they’re searched.

My question is, is there a way that I can extract a street and return a value that will NOT include its street suffix?

I hope I phrased that all correctly. I’d greatly appreciate the help.


I recently integrated Estated into an app. I found it to work just fine with the results of a searchbox. Is that not working for you? Here’s how I formatted the address for the API call:

That’s curious.

I did this and I noticed many of their test success responses would not work, and others would. I started playing around with it and realized that for their Sandbox, it seems that I need to send the information in a specific way as outlined in this link.

Estated Docs | Property Data API v4 Sandbox

Are you using their API or their Sandbox?

The main reason I’m using their Sandbox is because I’m building an app for a client and they worked with a previous developer who maxed out the API calls for their trial key. I believe their sandbox can be tested an unlimited number of times.

Ahhh yup. That’ll do it re: the old dev maxing out the included (100?) calls.

I never even touched the sandbox because I got it running with just a few of the free calls. Can you create a new account for yourself to test it outside of the sandbox with your free calls?

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Yeah, it looks like that is what I’ll have to do.

I prefer not to create keys and stuff for client apps, but this looks like one of those situations where I’ll have to. Estated doesnt seem to allow you to create new API keys/reset the calls.

Thanks for the input, you helped piece it together.

My pleasure, good luck!