How to extract predefined keywords to select category

User should only need to input a title of an item to create an item request, which will be stored as a record in Product_Requests.

How to extract keywords from a predefined list that correspond to a product category (+sub-category) and save them to the record?

(Until now, categories and subcategories are separately in option sets)

Get an option → All Keywords:filtered (This keyword:lowercase is in Input:split by (space):lowercase)

Or, in long form:

  1. Get a list of keywords from an option set
  2. Filter the keywords such that:
  3. the keyword (lowercase) = one of the words in your input

What if the keyword we would like to extract is a list of keywords out of default 6?

I’m not sure what you mean, the expression I provided returns a list of options that match the keyword.

See the workflow I have setup. I am trying to save the category I got from the result of API call, but whenever I am saving it. It is always give me the list after deducting the #item1 from the retrieved list.

You need to ‘add list’ not ‘add’, because your expression returns a list.

I tried it that too. I though if it is deducting then using add might be useful.