Filtering a repeating group in real time after displaying it through a workflow

I’m having this problem, and I can’t find how to solve it:
I have two lists of events, one with “events created by the current user” and another with “events scheduled by the current user”. They take data from different tables, that’s why I decided to use two Repeating Groups in which to dump the data.
Both lists are on the same screen and, through a workflow, I hide one of them and display the other using a button.
I need to filter both lists using some inputs.
I can correctly filter in real time the one that is displayed when loading the screen, but the one that is hidden by default (the one that I display using a workflow, indicating the data source in it) I cannot filter it once it is displayed.
If I hide it and show it again, it applies the filters, so I understand that it is only taking the source of the data indicated in the workflow, but not the one that I indicate in the repeating group.
I tried using a conditional stating “When this repeating group is visible, data source is …[my expression using the inputs to be filtered]”, but it didn’t work.

Does anyone know how I can filter a repeating group in real time, after it has been displayed through a workflow?

Thank you so much!

As soon as your RG is hidden and is not referenced by another visible element - data isn’t downloaded/filtered by itself.

Have you tried WF action “Display list in a repeating group”?

Thank you very much for your answer!

In response to your answer, yes: I use “Display list in repeating group” to show the list of “Scheduled Events” and hide the list of “User Created Events” when clicking a button. What happens is that both lists use a series of inputs to be filtered, and the list of scheduled events (which is not visible when the page has been loaded, and is only displayed using “Display list in repetitive group”
does not refresh automatically when inputs change.

I found a workaround, which is perhaps not the best in terms of performance, but I couldn’t find another:

For each entry in the filter list, I create a workflow event of the type “An input’s value is changed” and, only when the list of “scheduled events” is visible, I call the action “Display list in repeating group” again, and so they are filtered every time the inputs change.

Maybe there is a better way, but for now it’s fine.
Thank you very much for taking the time to answer!

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