How to filter repeating group based on custom state list

Hi folks, I’ve hit a dead end with setting up a repeating group filter and would love some help please.

I have a jobs board for approved freelancers within our non-profit, and need to filter the jobs displayed within the repeating group based on the training the freelancer has passed. I have a table of users with an option set list of job types they have been approved to claim work for. Eg, kids cycle lessons, bike mechanic demos or adult cycle training. Each cell in the repeating group displays the title of the job which will match at least 1 option in the user’s job types approved to claim work for.

So far I have a custom state on page load for the jobs board that lists the current users approved job types, it’s the advanced filter I’m stuck on, which is essentially ‘if job title matches any of current user’s approved job types to claim’. Can anyone get me back on track please?

Hi there, @Roo… it sounds like you need the intersect with operator. If you do a count > 0 of the intersect between the two lists, you should get the desired result.

Hope this helps.