How to filter / search an option set

I created an option set “Roles” with “coach” “athlete” values. My User table has a “role” field set to this option set as a data type. How then do I create a search or a filter that will show / hide elements on the page based on the user’s role?

I tried creating a condition and checking “Current User’s role / Do a search for” but I can’t search option sets for a value:

But, when I set “Current User’s role / is / …” the list of available filtering/searching doesn’t make sense to me… I would think I would see something “Roles” then set a “Roles’s value = Roles.Coach” or something similar…

I also tried “Get an Option” but couldn’t see a way to filter/search for a speific Option Value… Thanks! New here, obviously…

Get an option: filtered

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Having said that, you should just be able to select current user’s role is coach, directly in the conditional expression…

Are you certain you’ve set up your database correctly?

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I believe so here’s the option set and the User table with Roles field. And, below that is the drop list I get when I enter “Current User’s Role”…

You have set up your option set roles (athlete and coach) as attributes of the option set, not as actual options. So, delete those attributes and enter athlete and coach as options in the New option field below the Create a new attribute button.


hmmmmm, ok, let me see… THANKS

Noobz… THANKS!!!

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