Repating grupe from list items

Hi everyone,
i have a problem with my repeating group
adding data to list items ( number) it accept only the number one time
(Ex. if im ordring 1 Orange & 1 Apple & 3 bannana
the data is inserted to database 1,3 for qty but text item name is ok Orange, Apple, Bannana

any advice dears :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you explain this more clearly?

Any pictures would be appreciated

I would restructure your database, TBH

I assume the datatype in the picture you sent was “order.”

I would have another datatype called “order item.”

It would have the following fields: name, quantity, total price, order (the datatype from above), and whatever other fields you need

Then you can display the order items by going “do a search for order items” with the constraint as “order = Order X”

There will be other complications and changes you need to make but this is a high level overview and it is far more robust and easily managable

Let me know if you have any questions

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I created x Order,
Price and Qty shouldbe a list of number ?

Hey Mate

What do you mean by this sorry?

A pi

select or no ?

If you create Order Item, it should be just one. So you shouldnt check it.

Your order though will have a list of Order Items.

Thanks ,
i know this is correct when i create new order
but later i need to desplay the order details ( Nmae, price , qty ) later in deferunt pages
so i creat Order x ( data type) to be ablue to display in a repeating group,
but the problem is the List cant accept the same num
ber 2 times

Just do this

Have a repeating group of order items with this as the data source

QTY shuld be 1,1,2,2
and prices shuld be 25,25,50,50

You need a new data type as you’ve been told…

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You would have a list of order items, each representing an item on an order, so you would have one for a banana and the quantity would be 1, one for an apple and the quantity would be 3, etc

Then do a search for all of these and display it in a repeating group of order items