Need string of text to populate a repeating group

I have a string of text that is coming through my API connectors. The string is not a set length and is quote/comma separated. Currently the results are being displayed in a single field as a large string of text. How do I get each item to display in its own cell?
This is how the data is coming in from the API:
“results”: [
“show_list_of_things”: {
“the_list_of_things”: [
“this is a thing”,
“and another thing”,
“yet, another thing”,
“hey look, another thing!”,
“Seriously? Another thing?!”,
“Why are there so many things?”,
“Okay, here is the last thing.”,

Here is what is being displayed in the first repeating group cell: “this is a thing,
and another thing, yet, another thing, hey look, another thing!, Seriously? Another thing?!, Why are there so many things?, Okay, here is the last thing.”

How do I have each sentence populate its own cell in the repeating group?