How to format an email to show a list of data from your database so it looks like a repeating group

How would you format the way you send a list of people from your database so that it looks like it would in a repeating group

Dear Client:

This are the list of people that have made a booking request

Name (1) , Title (1)
Name (2) , Title (2)
Name (3), Title (3)


Create a dynamic data expression and select the list of things you want to work with.
Then use the :format as text operator.
It will look something like: do a search for Users: format as text with the details within it.

This will let you create a dynamic expression per item in the list selected and also define a delimiter (a character or string that separates each of these items). Putting a comma here would separate your dynamic expression per item by a comma for example.

That should do it!

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thanks Neil and team. Going to give this a go now and report back if solved

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