Sending repeating group dynamic data in email

Insurance risk app - answer questions, then you are shown the different types of risks you have based on your answers.

Here’s the setup:

When you go through the workflow, you select different answers. When an answer is selected, a user is added to a particular insurance type list of users (repeating group is doing a search for insurance type, user contains current user).

Now at the end of this workflow I would like to send a dynamic email that contains the information in this repeating group (Title, text, and link). Does anyone know how to do this?

I tried sending the same data as a dynamic value but I just get a dump of values (title 1, title 2, title 3, text 1, text 2, link 1… ). This makes sense, but I’m wondering if there is a workaround to display the results together. So Title 1, text 1, link 1.

I’ll venmo you $5 and a high five if you can help.

Assuming from your edit that this question is still open …

I faced a similar question, and my solution was to build up a text for each row separately.

Then at the time of the email workflow action, join the rows with a special code (a text value that is highly unlikely to be in the data), then a :find & replace to turn that code into a newline.

In my case it was okay to build the row on individual actions. If you need to do all at once, for database try change a list of things.

For building all rows at once based on values on the client, you’d need to implement a loop of some sort, for example a timer countdown. In this case, the rows can be added incrementally into one big text, without need for the join as above.

Venmo looks interesting, thanks for the tip!

Good luck!

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This is a creative option @mishav! Thank you for sharing, I will give it a try and let you know what happens.

Hi @mishav and @gpdmop pdmop

I have a similar problem to the one describe here. I’m trying to build the body of an email with the contents of a repeating group. I’m using the Schedule a Workflow on a List API ot parse the list.

I managed to put the contents of my Repeating Group in the body of an email but cannot generate a new line to separate them. As a result, I have a long string of records from my repeating group.

How do you do that? What is the representation of a newline in Bubble?
I tried a find and replace and put in the replace box a “\n” without the quotes but it prints a backslash and an n.

Thank you!

If you have a list of texts, you can use the :join with, and type in line_break, it will give newlines.

FYI sending html mail would be nicer.


Is there a way to join with two line breaks? Like a paragraph break?

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I have the same issue.