Show/ How group

Hi everybody,
I have a drop down element for existing dental clinics or the option to add new dental clinics. Following is clinicians belonging to dental clinics also in a drop down. If no clinicians have been assigned to the chosen dental clinic, an alert appears conditionally, so that a clinician record is created. This condition is set on the clinician count < 0 and a clinic being chosen in the previous step. I have allowed users the option to hide the add clinicians to a clinic and move on to the next step by making the group which alerts them on no clinician found group. I used the hide element option in workflows, but when the user wants to choose another clinic, in case they made a mistake, the original show group condition doesn’t open the group again once a new clinic is chosen.

Short question - If a group is set to show conditionally on a drop down selection being made, what is the best way to hide that same group via a button click and cycle back to it’s original show condition.

Rather than using the show or hide workflow actions, I suggest you add conditions to your groups to only show when a custom state on your page is some particular value (such as the name of the group).

Here is the form. I would like the use to Choose a clinic from the dropdown, or add a new clinic from group 1. Group 2 has a list of Clinicians belonging to the selected Clinic in group 1. Group 3 should only show up when the selected clinic or newly created clinic does not have a clinician to choose in group 2 , so that the user if warned of this and creates a clinician to add to the clinic. However, I also want the user to be able to not fill in a clinician for a clinic and skip this step by closing group 3 and group 2 since they are no longer relevant. I have been told to use custom states but I need help, as I don’t quite understand how to do it.