How to get a youtube's video link, receive it and display it on another page

Hi, the idea is that the user types in a youtube url and that link is sent to the course_home page, where the video will be shown. To do this I’m using a JavaScript code on the same page as the input. When the save button is clicked, this is the action:

I’ve also created an event that sends the link as a parameter to the page I want.

On the receiving page I use an html code to receive the “link” parameter, but at the moment nothing is displayed.


It looks like you’ve not filled the ‘data to send’ mandatory field in the screen shot above, that may be your issue.

thanks for the reply, what should i put in it?

if you have set the page to have a ‘type’ it will expect one when navigation to that page - e.g if it was a recepie site and you click on a search result when you get to that page it would expect the data from the recepie search page to be ‘a recepie’ - it would then be able to display that recepie in the page.

If you dont want that page to have a type then remove it - go to the page and remove its type of content:

If you do however, you can probably change your navigation option to be ‘Dynamic’ enter the page name to navigate too and add the parameters you have already created.

I’ve removed the content type from the receipt page and in the workflow I’ve put the dynamic page with the specific parameters, but what should I put in the dynamic page name option? you can’t find the receipt page directly…


if you have removed the data type from the page you can use your first method as the page you are sending too no longer expects you to send a data type - the box will no longer have a red outline (as in your image in the inital post).

However if you use the dynamic option you only have to enter the page name (type it in, dont select), in the case above it would be “course_home” if this is where you want it.

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