Need help with sending parameters to URL

Hey guys! I would like to build an Udemy-like page such as this one (pic 1). For simplicity’s sake I just need two components - the video player on the left and the course syllabus on the right.

I used two repeating groups,

On the left (pic 2)(Video Player):

1 x 1 repeating group

Type of Content: Course’s Video

Data Source: Do a search for Course’s Video (Constrains: unique id = get parameter (v) from page’s URL’s unique id.

On the right (pic 3)(Course Syllabus)

Repeating group

Type of Content: Course’s Video

Data Source: Do a search for Course’s Video (Constrains: Current Page’s Course)

Workflow: send more parameters to the page with (v) = Current Cell’s Course Video’s unique id

Page’s Type of Content: Course

When you first arrive the page: it works fine - on the right showing the name of all video belongs to this course. After you click a video, the video shows up on the left no problem. Yet as soon as you clicked the first Syllabus, the repeating group on the right is gone, disappeared. Showing no more course syllabus. Would love to know why this is the case and how to resolve this issue? (I guess it is because the constrains of Current Page’s Course and the URL is now changed due to the parameters?) And is there a better way to display achieve the same job?

Second question: Any ways to have the checkbox to be checked when the users have watched the entire video (like in pic 1)? Except for manually checking it off.

Thanks a lot!

Do you have a conditional on the repeating group that may hide it? Also, check its parent elements for conditionals.

You can add an event listener to the video to detect when the video finishes (e.g. html - Detect when an HTML5 video finishes - Stack Overflow). Probably need a plugin to do this. Tagging plugin builders @hugolee @samsonlcl

Thanks Ed. But I dont think there is any conditional set on on the repeating group or any elements nor the page itself. Actually is this the way you’d set up the page to achieve the Udemy-like page or is there a better way?

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