How to "Get data from external API" every X seconds in Workflow

I would like to display “number” which is a count of items in a list. I am getting this list count via an “Get data from external API” call. I would like to refresh the count every X seconds so my user can see the most up to date count without having to refresh the page. I cant seem to find the “Get data from external API” option in the Workflow section. Any help would be appreciated…


How about this workflow:

  1. General -> Do every x seconds
  2. Plugins -> Make the API call
  3. Element Actions -> Set state
  4. Set the initial content with the received info stored in the state.
  5. End the workflow conditionally when the user leaves the web page for instance to avoid overusing your workflows.



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I think its Step 2, I am not understanding. My “Bubble API Connector” is not a option on the plugin menu, even tho I have it installed. I can use that plugin when I am selecting a “Data Source” because all the API’s I have configured in the “Bubble API Connector” are available for me in the “Data Source” field.

** The “New API - API Call” I think its some plugin I have installed, it only allows me enter the json body.

Make sure you select Action instead of Data in your API Connector when making the call…

Before step one above, set a yes/no state called “listening” to yes and start the Every X Seconds while the state is yes. It can be at any point during the user experience, so you don’t have to front-load the functionality. You can also pause the listening during user inactivity to cut down on workflows. To show the content from the api, you can access the API via the Group --> Display Data or Repeating Group --> Display List. I’ve used it in the past for native apps when a refresh wasn’t possible. It took some tinkering to get the timing right with other workflows.