How do I show groupfocus only when hover lingers?

I have an element, Shape show focus, that is visible only when a group, Group creation, is hovered.
Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 5.21.22 AM

Every time Shape show focus is not visible, a workflow hides the groupfocus

Every time Shape show focus is visible, a workflow triggers a custom workflow for showing the groupfocus after a 1000ms delay when

The custom workflow is conditioned to trigger only when Shape show focus is visible (in the hope that the custom workflow would not trigger if the user does not linger in hovering on Group creation)

Result: I have multiple instances of Group creation on a page through a reusable group on a page. When I slide a cursor across the page, the first contact with a Group creation shows the groupfocus on a delayed basis while the subsequent contacts do not. The goal is for groupfocus to not show at all since the hovering on Group creation is very brief. Somehow, the custom workflow is getting triggered by the first contact despite the condition for the custom workflow to be triggered only when Shape show focus is visible.

What should I change to ensure groupfocus does not show in that first contact as it doesn’t in the subsequent contacts if all a user is doing is sliding a cursor across the page without lingering?

This seems to me to be some bug in how reusables work with condition.

A couple things you could try:

Add the condition to show profile only if the show focus is still visible, to the trigger action (step 2 in your second image) instead of the custom event itself.

Try with only one reusable on the page and see if it works properly.

Try copying the elements out of the reusable multiple times on a page and see if things behave differently.

Thank you aj11, I found a tweak that worked. I switched from Shape show focus to Group show focus. I set the initial value of the Group to ‘No’, and condition the Group to both be visible and to take a ‘Yes’ value when a user hovers on Group creation. When Group show focus is visible, the reaction workflows still starts with the pause but only triggers custom workflow show profile if the value of Group show focus is ‘Yes’.

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