How to get Multi dropdown data into database?

How can I get the options I select in MultiSelect Dropdown into my Database, please help me out with complete logic

Use a workflow action to set them in the relevant field…

Can you provide me with the exact logic

It depends what you’re trying to do

But in any case it’s as simple as seeing the field to the value of the multidropdown.

If you don’t know how to do that I suggest starting with the basic Bubble tutorials and reading the manual.

I have already tried that but it is asking to add extra attributes after the value of dropdown list

It looks like your coverage field is not a list.

How can I make that a List?

You need to delete the field and add a new one, but this time make it a list.

What to do after making that element a list? It still shows the same thing

What do you mean?

I have made my Coverage element a List as you suggested but still it shows this…

I don’t know what your coverage element is, or what that has to do with anything…

But the field you’re trying to set (insurance companies) is not a list.

Multi drop-down values are lists.

Only list fields can accept lists.

Insurance companies is a list

That’s not the field in your screenshot.

I didn’t get that exactly but, isn’t this (Insurance Companies) a field in type (Comapnies)

Yes… your Insurance Companies field on your Companies datatype is a list (a list of ‘texts’ for some reason, so I’m not too sure what that’s for anyway).

But in this screenshot, that’s not the field you’re showing…

= is NOT a list operator… a list can never equal something (that doesn’t make any sense)… so it’s clearly not the same field (the field in the screenshot is definitely NOT a list).

So either you’ve got another field with the same name, or you’ve changed it since you posted that screenshot (in the previous screenshot it’s not even the same datatype that you’re making changes to).

So, I’ve got no idea what you’re doing… but it seems to me as though you should take a step back and learn the very basics of working with data in Bubble…

Maybe check the Bubble manual, and go through some of the basic tutorials.

Here is how inserated the data from a multi dropdown
Screenshot 2023-06-16 at 08.38.10
In stead of equal chose “add list” and then in your case it would bee multidropdown insurance companies

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