How to send multiple options from MultiDropdown list to Database

Hey Bubble Fam,

I’m new to bubble and absolutely loving it.

I’d hate to be that guy who asks what seems like a pretty easy thing to do but I’ve literally lost days trying to figure this out (have looked through forum, youtube vids and everything!).

Where I’m struggling is sending these choices back to the database as a “list of text” attached to the User’s data.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  1. I have created a MultiDropdown list that pulls an Option Set which users can select up to 3 options

  1. In workflow, I have it so when a user clicks the “save profile” button it writes the options to “Availability” which is a list of texts in the User’s data. This doesn’t validate / work.

I’ve read about "setting states’ which I have tried various times but can’t ever get this to work properly in workflow.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


hi @cooperevans ,

it’s very simple, don’t worry but sometimes we just get too focused on something we could just need a fresh eye. So what you really need to do is change the expression to be:
because the vale of the multidropdown is what you need; it is the list.

@hanan1 - wow.

Thank you SO much. I think you’re right I was just looking at it for so long and overcomplicating it!

Really appreciate your help!

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