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How to remove Bubble advertising?

My site is live and on a paid plan. However, when I go to google and type the first letter of my website, I see the full name of my site (google remembers it) as well as the following sentence “Bubble - The no code website”.

How do I remove that?


Settings / SEO Metatags

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Does this info take a while to update? I change all of the data yesterday but it still comes up with Bubble branding.

Do you mean on your website/app? Or in search engine’s listings of your website/app?

In your app itself it should change immediately.

If you’re asking how long Google (or other search engines) may take to update their listings, it could take anything from a few days to a few weeks/months depending on how often they crawl your site and how well your site is optimized for search.

Ok. Yea, on the picture I posted, you can see my cursor on my webpage and it has the website name but Bubble description. It has changed in some places but maybe that info is based on Google. My website doesn’t come up yet in Google.

No that will be in the metadata of your site. So if it’s not showing the right thing now, then the right thing is not set in the metadata and page titles in your app…

Firstly, don’t forget that if that’s the live version of your site you’ll need to push the changes to live for it to work.

Also, as well as the global metadata settings in your app settings, you can set them individually for each page as well, in the page property editor - so check there aren’t any page specific Page titles on the page.

Yea I have changed all of that yesterday and have pushed several live revisions since yesterday.


This is what you need to set the browser tab title (which is what you’re trying to do).

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Thx bro! I appreciate the help.

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