How to get specific field from database

Hi everyone

I have three tables; user, problem, solution.

A solution belongs to a problem and it is associated with a user.
I need to get the name’s user from a solution but I have not be able to get it.

Captura de Pantalla 2022-11-11 a la(s) 23.17.39

Captura de Pantalla 2022-11-11 a la(s) 23.17.54

I have created a repeating group and then the name’s user field.

Thanks in advance for your support!

I’d open this with the debugger and select a cell to see what text is getting generated.
You can see the whole hierarchy of the RG cell’s text there - and most probably there’s either missing data or a broken reference.

Unless there is some UI issue like stuff being hidden or being set to zero width/height, etc

Hi Atomicfusion

Thanks for your reply

I have opened the debugger a it is showing data missing but in the database the “Solution” is created.

There is no issue UI, I have printed another field correctly.

normally you would use not
psolutions usernames name
but solutions creator name. i can see above “Created by” in your screenshot has a plus so is not empty. try that.

if fields are still empty
if a solution is created under data/app data/solutions it will be empty

also if you create it on your app without being logged in it will be empty (use a signup popup to login)

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Thanks @TipLister

I did a test logging into the app and it worked. But when I log out the app does not show the creator’s name. :confused:

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in this case it must be privacy rules meaning you go to data and hit the tab privacy rules tab which ensure that not everyone can just see everything.

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