How to get the last items of each items

Hi !

I want to display in a repeating group a list of dates for some projects.
The field where are saved the dates is a List of dates. I would like only to display the last item of this field for each projet.
I can’t figure it out the exact expression.

Assuming your RG has a content type of Project, and a DataSource of a list of Projects, just add a text element in the cell and display the Current Cell’s Project’s List of Dates: last item

Hi @adamhholmes,

Thanks for you reply but this is not what I am looking for.
Project is a “Data type”
I have many “Fields” in the Project “Data Type” like: Title, members, list of dates etc
What I want is to show each Last item of the “List of dates” for all the projects in the database

Hi there, @akoziol… you are in the best of hands with Adam, of course, and I could be missing something here, but I believe what Adam described is exactly what you need.

If you have a repeating group with a data source of Search for Projects, and you add a text element in the repeating group with an expression that is something like Current cell's Project's list of dates:last item, you should get the last date in the list for each project in your database. Have you tried that? If that’s not what you need, you might want to consider sharing some screenshots so it will be easier for someone to help.


Hi @mikeloc,
By doing that you get only one item. The last item of the all lists combined.

Hmm, that shouldn’t be the case. Can you share some screenshots of your setup?

I see what you mean, I haven’t explained the full context… sorry.

I am using the plugin “PDF Conjurer” to generate a PDF for billing.
I want to show a table of all the ongoing project, that is working.
And I want to display the last date from the “Lists fo dates” but can’t get it.
I am not using a RG it is just an expression:
Prtoject_InProgress is a list of projects
InProgress_1stDate is a list of dates

The first sentence in this thread…

At least we know where the confusion came from now. :slight_smile:

I have never used that plugin, so I’m not sure if I can help. Any chance you could reference a hidden repeating group to get the data you need?

You can do exactly the same thing using ‘Format as text’ if you’re not using a RG…

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Can you help me on how to achieve that with “formast as text” ?
I can’t see how to do it.

Oh yes sorry … I do not know why I said in a RG

Try something like this… note that I pressed the enter key in the Delimiter field so that the dates are separated by a line break.

More specifically, I guess yours might be bill's Project_InProgress:format as text, with This Project_InProgress's InProgress_1stDate:last item in the Content to show per list item field and whatever you want in the Delimiter field.


Take your list of projects (however you get that), then use Formatted as text: this Project’s Dates: last item.

Thank you it is working !


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